17 July 2013


By John Ollis

We now come to “Having our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel peace” This old English statement doesn’t clearly communicate what Paul is meaning regarding this piece of armour.

What do we do with our feet ? we walk ?

This soldier will not go anywhere unless he has peace. If we do not have peace our walking will be unstable and lacking direction and purpose.

The bible tells us there are two aspects of Peace

  1. The Peace WITH God (Col 1.20, Rom. 5.1) Before we came to Christ we did not have peace with God, we were alienated from Him and heading for a lost eternity, but when we repented and confessed our sin we received:
  2. The Peace OF  God (Phil 4.7) The Bible says it beyond description, we sure know when we have it and we sure know when we don’t have it, that is why it is so important that  we protect it by:

(a)   Keeping short accounts with God, remember if we have sin in our hearts God is not listening Ps. 66.18, we must daily “clear the decks” of any sin to maintain His peace in our hearts.

(b)   Keeping keep short accounts with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have all be hurt either accidently or intentionally by Christian friends, and if we harbour bitterness and unforgiveness in our hearts we again are the loser, and peace and joy disappear from our hearts.

There will be times when the Lord will not leave peace in our hearts as a sign that we must seek Him regarding a situation (Remember the Harbour Lights teaching) and until peace  returns we MUST NOT walk. The presence of peace in our hearts is one clear sign (remember there are 3 others).

Our feet and peace are associated with the Gospel of peace. Gospel means good news that we must communicate by our lives and our lips (personal testimony or preaching). We live in a world where almost everyone around us is crying out for peace in their hearts, we must be a carried and communicator of Peace.

Peace will give direction to our feet:

  1. As we walk in the Light (1 John 1.7) with no unconfessed sin we walk in peace
  2. By allowing the peace of God to be a guide for our direction. (Is 48.17-19).

As a believer having and walking in peace is worth more than all the wealth and prosperity this world can offer,

Paul instructed the Ephesian church they must put on:

1.The Helmet of Salvation (to protect their mind)

2.The breastplate of Righteousness (to protect our heart)

3.The Belt (or skirt) of Truth (to protect us from error)

4.The Sword of the Spirit (to protect us from the evil one’s attacks)

5.The Shield of Faith (to protect us from the fiery darts of the evil one)

6.The Shoes of peace (to protect our walk)

7.Prayer (The intimate communication between two lovers).

Wearing the whole armour of God MUST become a lifestyle, it is not going through some exercise of putting on, but understanding the truth behind each of these pieces of armour. Our understand will continue to grow as we constantly apply the truths every day in our lives. What is the end result? We can come through the battle without a scratch.