19 August 2013


By John Ollis


After the disciples in Acts 4.31 were freshly filled with the Holy Spirit, they went out and preached the Word of God with boldness. Preaching will ALWAYS  be God’s method to reach the masses with the Good news of the Gospel.

It must be preached with BOLDNESS.

We have all heard sermons that were not anointed by the Holy Spirit, but if we are to build the local church “according to the pattern of the Word of God” the preaching must be with anointing and boldness..

The preacher should spend as much time preparing himself as well as time to prepare the sermon. Without the  anointing of the Holy Spirit on the preacher very little will be accomplished for the Kingdom of God.

Plus, the sermon should have many Biblical  references contained it, as it is God’s Word/s that change lives not our eloquence or performance. May WORSHIP & THE WORD PREACHED BE THE CENTRAL THEME IN OUR SERVICES. These must always be kept in balance.

FOR THE BELIEVER: most are not called to preach, but all are called to be witnesses, that is why Jesus told the disciples to remain in Jerusalem until the received the power of the Holy Spirit so they could be powerful witnesses. Acts 1.8.

In past generations, every Christian was encouraged (almost commanded) to  go out and witness, either door to door, on the street corner, or simply buttonhole people as they walked the streets. These days we realise that not every believer is capable to do that, Paul tells us every believer is an epistle (letter), we are being read constantly. What sort of message are we communicating ?? Our LIFE WILL SPEAK LOUDER THAN OUR WORDS. Every believer can reach out and be a friend to someone. That may mean running errands, cleaning houses, doing the garden, repairing something, even writing notes to people and so the  list goes on and on. Yes some will open their mouths and share the Gospel, but if that is not your calling reach out in friendship to your colleagues and neighbours. let them see Jesus in you.

If every believer saw these essential truths of:

Maintaining Unity

The Power of Prayer

The Power of the Word of God

The Authority we have “In the Name of Jesus”

Expecting to see signs and wonders.

Learn to live the Spirit filled life

Preaching & Witnessing (simply gossiping the Gospel by life and word.

We will be building our lives and the local church according to the pattern of the Word of God and the result is : THE GLORY OF GOD.

In my final blog/s I will give some further practical and Biblical keys to building.