15 August 2013


By John Ollis

I trust you did not feel overwhelmed when you saw three blogs sent to you in one day. I do pray this present series is being a blessing to you.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.

I am convinced that built into the keys that I am sharing with you automatically there is the seeds of growth and blessing and thus the Glory of God.


We personally are God’s house just as much as the Church is.

I trust my three translators also have not felt overwhelmed when they say three blogs sent to them. I want to personally thank them, I am not sure whether I should mention their names, they sure know who they are and I thank them not just for their translating ministry but their friendship over a number of years, they all love and serve the Lord with all their hearts in their countries.

The English blog is reaching almost 4000 people, I have no current statistics on how many the Indonesian, Mandarin & Vietnamese blogs are reaching. I thank God for this technology to be able to bless so many people in the Body of Christ.

On the personal front, I have put the Day Bible Study into recess, and I conclude this coming week the final class in the local Bible School. I was finding it taking a toll on my strength. After saying that there are small but significant signs of some improvement overall in my health for which I praise the Lord. Please keep praying I am convinced the Lord has not finished with me yet, I want to continue to be a blessing as long the Lord gives me strength.

The four main Schools I teach at in Indonesia and Malaysia are expecting me to return in 2014, I sure want to fulfil their request, will you pray with me that it will come to pass.

Next week, we have one final key in building according to the pattern for the believer and the church, then there are a number of principles I want to continue with in relation to the local church.

I already believe the Lord has laid the next series on my heart but that will be a few weeks away yet.

I pray you have a blessed Sunday in the Lord’s House, that you will bring the “Sacrifice of Praise” with you to church, and you  will touch the Lord and He will touch you.