4 September 2013


By John Ollis

 My last blog was all about my physical health needs, I am so pleased to know that the there should be a complete resolution to these needs soon. Would you please pray with me, that quickly a place can be found for me on the surgeon’s public hospital list. I cannot conclude on the physical, but want to put the spotlight  on the Lord’s leading and blessing in my life.

There have been so many highlights, and I list some not in any particular order:

My conversion at age 10 in the Salvation Army

My call to ministry at 14

Being filled with the Holy Spirit by my bedside one night.

My time of training and ministry with the Salvation Army.

My time of training at Commonwealth Bible College in Brisbane, and 22 years of pastoral ministry with the Assemblies of God (Australian Christian Churches).

Being used in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for the first time until now.

Becoming conscious of the anointing of the Holy Spirit as I preached as a young man.

Learning to recognise the signs that that the Lord was changing directions in our lives.

For joining the staff off Commonwealth Bible College (Southern Cross College) and the 11 exciting years of growth and personal training and being able to invest into many hundreds of students lives.

For finding Mentors who have spoken so honestly into my life.

For the opportunity to serve at the College in Singapore

For God’s calling on my  life to be a spiritual father/Mentor.

The opportunity to develop my teaching ministry.

For bringing Margaret into my life, who has always encouraged me to press on.

For God giving me a vision for the Body of Christ, and not locked into one denomination.

For our present local church, where we feel so at home and so loved.

For the international teaching ministry God has given me.

For our 2 fine sons and their wives and our 5 grandchildren.

For my new ministry in blogging, not only in English, but Indonesian, Mandarin & Vietnamese.

For the opportunity serve in the College in Singapore.

For the Lord helping me to have an “eye for the cloud” to embrace revealed truth and not settle down.

The opportunity to serve for almost 6 years at Hillsong International Leadership College.

I am sure I could just go on and on, the journey so far has been filled with so many awesome highlights, that I have not deserved but our loving heavenly Father has so graciously poured on us.

I thought I would write down the number of countries I have been privileged to minister in, it totals at least 25. I also noted I have visited at least another 18 countries.


I am believing and confessing this year has been God’s R&R for me, and that I can continue to invest into the lives of many more Asian young men and women in 2014.

I declare for me and my house ‘THE BEST IS YET TO COME’.