28 October 2013


By John Ollis

It has been some time now since I did a blog on this topic, I simply have not had the energy to do it. We know that until the day we die (or until Jesus returns) we can stay “fresh and flourishing” if we stay under the spout (tap) where the Glory comes out. The challenge is always to discipline our bodies and deliberately make time to spend quality time with the Lover of our souls.

The spiritual sign of aging I want to talk about this morning is “spiritual Alzheimers disease”. You may personally know someone who is physically (mentally) suffering with this terrible disease. One of the common signs is that the past is vivid in their mind, and they want to continually talk about that, but cannot even remember what they did five minutes ago. As Christians we must not be always talking about the “good old days”, but live in the present and even confess our future in God. Only this morning I read this article in on the Bethel Church Redding (USA) Facebook page, and I could not  express it so well my self.

“When your memories are greater than your dreams you are already dying! The goal is to honour the past, live in the present, and look to the future.

When you live in the past you become like Lot’s wife, and if you look back long enough you will become a monument instead of a movement, and if this happens you are heading towards  becoming a  mausoleum.

If you live in the future instead of from the future, you force all the promises of God into a time zone that you have responsibility to see fulfilled in your generation.

But when you embrace  the momentum from the past, and grab on to the call from the future, whilst you live in the present, you create a divine alignment with the ONE who was, and is, and is to come.

Next you can take your rightful seat and live in from heaven towards earth! It is from here that you pray with God and not  just to God. Your prays will be transformed into prophetic declarations and history will become HIS story. Kris Vallotton KVMinistries.com

I would encourage you to meditate on this awesome thought.

In January 1985 God put something in my heart in the city of Hyderabad India that I have continued to feed and confess and participate in ever since and many other awesome promises this has saved me from slipping into spiritual Alzeimers disease.