5 January 2014


By John Ollis

I am sure you have noticed that I have not been blogging lately. Mid December we drove up to Sydney to spend time with our extended family. It was a precious time of fun and fellowship. This reminds me of a very important lesson. In the early years of ministry, especially, it is so easy to be so busy in ministry that you neglect your family. I came to see that my most important sheep are my wife and children. If could not be a good priest over my own home I could not effectively serve in the Church.

I will list a number of lessons I had to painfully learn over the years.

I had to recognise the first signs of burnout and the temptation to function on “autopilot”. A ministry friend only last night phoned and quoted the scripture (he was applying it to himself) They that wait upon the Lord shall renew (exchange their weakness) their strength. WE MUST SPEND TIME DAILY WITH THE LOVER OF OUR SOUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to remember that ministry (serving) is always about people, I must have a shepherd’s heart, even if you are serving on the sound desk for example ministry is all about PEOPLE.

I needed to see that I am not indispensable, and must raise up a successor or  I am a failure !!!

Even if all these things were taught in Bible College, it is only as you are on the path of ministry and often through numerous painful experiences that the theories  must become practice in your life.

I do trust these simple lessons are a blessing to you. I look forward to your responses in the coming days.

The highlight of this week for me is the 50 year reunion of my  College class, it is being held over Saturday and Sunday. I am so looking forward to catching up with many class mates I have not seen for many years, and to hear about their ministry journey. Our class was called “The Servants of Christ”. There were 43 students in the class (we were nicknamed “Nescafe”. There are at least 45 booked in, this must include spouses etc, and I am sure some have been promoted to glory as well so this is a very good number. I will give you a report next week. I have been asked to pray during the Sunday morning service, I really appreciate the invitation.


1. To fall in love with Jesus more and more

2. To have a greater love for S.E.Asia both through pray and ministry there.

3. The Lord helping me to do everything I can to build my local church