8 January 2014


By John Ollis

Dear friends,
I want to take this opportunity to write and wish you a very happy and an awesome exciting 2014.
I usually can write and tell you of some of my adventures in Asia during the year, but the Staph. infection has kept me in Australia this past year. But, I want to re-affirm God’s sovereignty in my life, He does all things well. Although physically it has been a struggle, I would not swap any aspect of last year, for the Lord has used it for His honour and glory. Jesus says we need to come apart and rest a while, and although I have so enjoyed being  kept very busy serving the Lord,(especially in S.E. Asia) I needed to come apart and hear His voice, and let Him work in my life.
I believe I can report to you that there are encouraging signs  of improvement in my health, I was warned that recuperation would be slow. I met with my surgeon recently, and although I should have less pain he is happy with my progress.
On Tuesday 17th December we headed towards Sydney to spend Christmas with our children and grandchildren, It has been quite a few months since we have seen them, so it was so good to catch up with them and many of our friends in the Sydney area.
I am believing and expecting even in a limited way to return to Asia in 2014, and already 4 schools in Indonesia and Malaysia are giving me dates. Fortunately this is not until May so gives me more time to recuperate.
I want to believe with you that 2014 will be your greatest year ever, as you experience the blessing of God upon your life, and as you hear His voice speaking to you through His Word, and that doors of opportunity will open for you to serve the Lord. I thank God he gave me this opportunity to commence blogging,I trust it has been a blessing to you.
Please keep dropping me a line, ,I really appreciate hearing from you.<
Last weekend I had the privilege of conducting Holy Communion in my local church here in Moe and to preach. My topic was on making New Year Resolutions/Declarations. Mine are simply:
1.To love Jesus more in 2014
2.To have a greater love for S.E.Asia through prayer and ministry
3.The Lord helping me to do everything I can to help build my local church.
This weekend is the 50 year reunion of my Salvation Army College class, I have been asked to lead in prayer In the Sunday morning service. I consider this a real privilege.
On my return from Sydney I have recommenced Rehabilitation at the local hospital (twice a week). I don’t want to fool myself but to too honestly believe I am aware of some positive signs. I am very impatient and want to be pain free and have full mobility NOW. May I simply ask you to continue to lift me and my physical needs before the Lord.
Please write soon, I so want to hear from you.