29 January 2014


By John Ollis

Our next defect is found in Lev. 21.19  A broken hand.

Again it does not say broken finger, the whole hand is broken. Have you ever had a broken finger, you could not tie your shoe laces, do up buttons etc. As a young teenager I was on my bike one day going down a hill, and I foolishly  pulled on the front brake, and flew over the handle bars and crashed to the ground and broke both my arms. I could not feed myself, dress myself or bathe myself, and when you get to your teen years, your do not want other people to do those things for you.

So as we pass the broken hand through the cross and apply new Covenant principles we see that hands speaks about our service for the Lord.

May I ask you as God asked Moses “What is in your hand/s today” ? remember if your hand is broken you cannot hold anything in them. So how consistent and effective is your service for the Lord ? How busy and fruitful are you in your service for the Lord ?

You may need the Lord to heal your hand/s so you can really serve well. He would love to heal your hands so you serve the Lord with great effectiveness.

Personally, I want my hand to be full to overflowing with “much fruit” for the Lord. On that great day when Christ returns and we stand before the Lord, I want tens of thousands to rise up and call John Ollis blessed because I shared the Word of life with them and walked with them into a victorious fruitful fulfilling Christian life.

What is your dream relative to service in 2014? For me it is MUCH fruit for the Lord.

WE don’t know how many years we have before the Lord returns or our time is over down here, I want to hear WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.

Is this your heart’s desire, write and tell me about your dream in 2014.