3 February 2014


By John Ollis

The next defect in Lev. 21.20 is that of being a Dwarf. This is the only time the word Dwarf is used in the whole of the Bible, I guess it is the only word that  was available to  be translated from Hebrew into English, but the picture in the Hebrew is not only someone who is short, but someone who is skinny and scrawny. The picture of say an African refugee who has not had a decent meal in months and every rib is clearly seen.

In the Western world this could be described as Anorexia Nervosa where the appetite diminishes and the internal organs break down and even death can occur.

Spiritually, how is your appetite for the things of God ?

How hungry are you for:

The Word of God

The Presence of God

The Power of God

The Blessing of God

Circumstances, poor health,  busyness and so any things can crowd out our spiritual hunger, and as Christians we just move on “autopilot” we know all the rights words to say, the external things to do, but inside we know are starving and unfulfilled and defeated.

I am so glad the Lord wants to help us, and you know one of my favourite verses is James4.2  “You have not because you do not ask”. The Lord so wants us to be fulfilled and satisfied, He knows we need all the help we can get, yet often because of stinking pride we do not ask. Let us start asking, and keep on asking (Matt 7.7 AMP).

God’s plan is that we are spiritually fat Jer.  31.14 KJV)  and not only fat but flourishing (Ps 92.14 KJV). Let your prayer be “Lord increase my appetite for You and your Word, I want to be a spiritual glutton ” Amen.

Pray that prayer (continually) and it will be guaranteed that 2014 will be a great year.