17 February 2014


By John Ollis

Life has been very busy for the last week or so, and thus there has not been any further blogs in this current series .I am so thankful that although I have some physical limitations, there are plenty of opportunities to serve the Lord.

We now come to the next defect found in Lev.21.20 “Having a defect in the eye”. This is very different to the first defect recorded in verse 18 (narrow constricted vision). This is a problem with the eye itself. Spiritually what does this mean ? I have mentioned this truth in other blogs in the past but it is important that I repeat it again. We men especially are very visual, and the world is working hard on making women much more visual as well. Now guys it sure isn’t wrong to see a pretty woman and be attracted, but the weakness that many men develop is fantasising sexually. Didn’t Jesus say that even looking at a woman longingly is the same as committing adultery. We must do as Job did in Job 31.1 make a covenant (a promise before God) not to look upon a woman with lust. It seems to me it is something we must do daily and continually.

We are all very thankful for the developments in technology with our smart phones and the internet, there is so much that is on the web that can assist us in so many ways, but there is also sadly a flood of pornography too, that is causing many men including married men and Ministers to fall into sin. As I write this I even think about the dangers of dating agencies etc. on the internet.

There is an excellent organization called xxxchurch.com you can download their program and it will ask you for the email address of an accountability brother or sister, and every two weeks the program sends a report on all the questionable sites a person has looked at. If you would like to use my email address feel free to ask me.For most people this is a sufficient deterrent, and highly recommend it. The Promise Keepers organization has a similar program called “Covenant Eyes” and there is another called “Safe Eyes”.These last two programs are password controlled and there is a cost involved. Many of us sang a little song in Sunday School “Watch you eyes what they see, there’s a father up above looking down in tender love………………………….

I have had to counsel many leaders who have been trapped in this way, if you want to make 2014 a great year, you need to deal with any defect in your eye.

Real integrity is what we are and what we do when we are alone and no one is watching. We need a revelation that God is watching, it will change our lifestyle.