25 May 2014

UPDATE 26/5/14

By John Ollis

Dear friends,

So much has happened in the last 3 weeks I thought I would give you a fresh update.

The Hip Replacement surgery was a complete success and apart from some  minimal post op. pain, I  am feeling very well. Because of the usual blood loss following surgery my iron was down, but have been taking extra and this morning I woke feeling almost 100%. It does not yet last all day, but each day I am conscious of health flowing into my body.

I do not see the Surgeon again until  Monday 16th April when I trust he will make a decision regarding my staph. infected left knee. There had been talk of an Arthroscopy but this only shows (as the XRay has done) the damage done by the infection. One option is a 4th Knee replacement, starting initially  with the removal of the  old knee replacement and a spacer (cement covered in antibiotics) inserted for 6 weeks then the new knee replacement is put in. I would have to stay immobile for those 6 weeks. Then the normal recuperation time and we are talking about close to 3 months!!!!!This is the part that does not excite me one little bit. I am not aware of any other alternative at this stage except the Lord imparting His healing power into my knee. I ask for your prayers.,

Each time I have been hospitalised the Lord has spoken deeply into my heart, this time is was all about praying for the nations.

Some may remember Ruth Heflin’s great song, “I ask for the nations”.

I ask for the nations in Jesus Name,

May they not be found naked,

May they not be ashamed,

When they stand before Thee O God

On that great judgement day.


You can replace the word nations and put in say Indonesia, or Vietnam, I began to do this, and the burden and the tears began to flow.

I have made a commitment to Pray for the nations regularly, whether I can ever return personally to minister there.

No one I am sure enjoys going to hospital and having surgery, but to have the Lord speak to you each time, and it becoming a Rhema word, that takes you forward to a new level, it so awesome.

So that is where I am at the moment. Thank you fro your love and prayers and support.

I am preaching next on Sunday 8th June (Whitsunday) my topic will be, “Letting the Holy Spirit work in us” especially in the areas of:




Much love in Jesus name.