27 June 2014


By John Ollis

I met late yesterday afternoon, with a fantastic Infectious Diseases Consultant. He was extremely thorough.  He has a new method he recommends to surgeons to deal with staph infected knees. Sadly, I am NOT a candidate for this procedure.

His only recommendation is a very slow 2 stage procedure which will take 9-10 weeks following admission to hospital then recuperation to follow. So most of 2014 is written off !!!!!!

You can appreciate I was extremely disappointed at this news, but have reaffirmed the LORD IS SOVEREIGN. I may not know what is happening but HE  is in total control.

May I ask for your continued prayer  for His daily sufficient grace during this period of time.

You know I spent many happy years in the Salvation Army, and remember  a chorus of a song that came to me last night.

I’m in His hands, I’m in His hands;

Whate’er the future holds

I’m in His hands,

The days I cannot see ;

Have all been planned for me;

His way is best , you see;

I’m in His hands.