14 July 2014


By John Ollis

To most of the churches in Revelation chapters 2 & 3 Jesus says to thwm “He that has ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.
It would seem to me God is always wanting speaking to us especially through the Word of God and that still small voice in our spirit (remember that voice MUST ALWAYS agree with the written word).
The big question is, are we always listening ? Sadly, I think the answer is no. This can be for many different reaons.
1. We are simply too busy to be still to know our God
2. Paul says there are many voices in this world and all have significance, and we MUST block them out so we can hear God’s voice.
3. There is spiritual wax (sin) in our ears that is stopping us hearing.
In my Leadership classes at Commonwealth Bible College I would get a graduate to come and teach and demonstrate how to hear the voice of God. They were very helpful lectures. Sadly, he was killed in a light plane crash probably 20 years ago, I miss him and his fellowship.
We all know the word disciple comes from the root word for DISCIPLINE, and this is probably the area we need to work on the most. Paul uses 2 illustrations in 1 Cor. 9. 24-27, firstly of a marathon runner, and then a boxer both MUST continually discipline themselves if they are going to be successful. Then Paul says I need to beat(discipline) my body and bring it under control, because he did not want to be disqualified. He didn’t mean backslide and be lost, he meant that he would miss out of so much blessing if he did not discipline himself. I know my biggest enemy is ME, not the devil, and I have to work hard and often fail short in this area.
Paul tells us, and I have mentioned it many times in previous blogs, Rom.10.17 that FAITH comes by HEARING the RHEMA word of God.
Let me encourage you again today to choose say a letter of the Apostle Paul’s and begin to meditate TODAY on chapter 1 verse one, chew over EVERY WORD, look at it in another translation, and pray “Holy Spirit turn the light on” and I guarantee you will start to hear from God in a new and refreshing way. It will excite and bless you, and put faith in your heart.
In prayer, as you learn to clear the decks every day of any unconfessed sin and start to develop a greater intimacy with the Lord, I guarantee after you have prayed, and this includes :
and then sit quietly in the presence of God ask the Lord to speak to you and you will start to hear His voice.
Speaking personally as well as the above, with all my various times in hospital and at home having to just sit or lay on my bed the Lord has come so sweetly OVER AND OVER AGAIN and talked with me.
I have no doubt Jesus is the healer, but I thank God that He has decided until now to use these situations to talk to me. I would not want it replaced for anything.
So do you regularly hear the Lord speaking to you, either through His Word, or in your spirit ? If not I trust the above will help you. Please feel free to write and talk to me about this exciting subject. I will talk about looking in my next blog.
Have an awesome day.