14 July 2014


By John Ollis

Just a gentle reminder, when we start to hear God speaking to us, either through the Word of God or through that still small voice in our spirit, and we want God to continue to speak to us we must OBEY what the Lord says to us.
Another interesting aspect of hearing the Lord speak to us,is that more we consider and mediate on what the Lord has said, like a beautiful flower it will continue to open up, don’t be satisfied with a lovely bud, but let it grow and develop.
In the book of Numbers chapter 9, we read an interesting story. Now Evangelical Christians believe the whole of the Bible is the Word of God, but so much of the Old Testament seems irrelevant and unrelated to our 21st century world,Remember St. Augustine saying The New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed and the Old Testament is in the New Testament revealed so much of the O.T. we must pass through the cross apply New Covenant Principles to it and then it becomes relevant and applicable to our world.
The Children of Israel were told as they walked and worked around the Tabernacle in the Wilderness they must keep an eye on the Shekina Cloud of Glory that rested above the Tabernacle because from time to time it would lift up, and this was a sign for them to pack up their tents and get into family and tribal order, then the cloud would move and they must follow it until it stopped moving. If any decided not to move, they would have died in the wilderness, as the manna and the quails and the water were only where the cloud was. Again we see the principle of obedience, or the consequences caused by disobedience.
Learning to listen or having an eye for the cloud is the same principle. Thank God for men like Martin Luther, who clearly heard God’s voice, the “Just shall live by faith”and the Reformation was born, but the cloud kept moving and more truth was restored. Sadly, we know that many rejected the Word, and a whole new denomination had to be raised up. God is still speaking, and restoring truth to us, Lord help us to have the courage and the faith to OBEY and move forward in the purposes of God. Be aware there can be a cost to obedience, I would rather lose friends than die in the wilderness, that is our choice. There was a bumper sticker around in the past that read, “I know God is alive, I spoke to Hime this morning” we could then and He spoke to me.
I do trust these blogs are blessing, encouraging and challenging you.