1 August 2014


By John Ollis

In October I will have been a born again Christian for 63 years, so you can appreciate I must have hundreds of favourite verses. I decided when I started this new series of blogs I would ask the Holy Spirit to bring to my remembrance the verse He wanted me to comment on, as I want this series to be of special blessing to as many possible who read my blogs.
The verse today is 2 Cor. 13.14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.
This verse has THREE AWESOME TRUTHS and experiences expressed in it. This verse should be well known as it was a Benediction used often at the conclusion of a service, sadly, some churhes today, don’t seem to bother with a closing prayer !!!!!!
THE GRACE OF GOD is a hot topic at this time, it seems to get re-emphasised and misinterpreted in every generation. The amazing grace and favour of God is beyond our comprehension. Yes, every one of our sins, past, present and future was laid on jesus, and He dealt with them all. Some preachers say we don’t have to ask for forgiveness even again because of this, but this is not what the Word of God says, The Apostle John reminds us in 1 John “If we have sinned” (and we sure do don’t we ? then we must “Confess our sin and He Jesus is faithul and just to forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
The grace of God is not an excuse for us to sin, but actually the strength and help we can receive NOT to commit sin.
The grace of God is available in those times of trial and testing to carry us through victoriously. For me I need God’s grace EVERY DAY.
I was admitted to hospitel on Christmas Eve 2012, in considerable pain because of the staph infection, now 19 months later with eveR increased pain, I can see the hand of God and His awesome grace that has carried me through this whole difficult time. To Him I give all the praise and the glory.
THE (extravagant LOVE OF GOD. We know God is love, the very personification of love. He so loved He gave Jesus to come to earth, to take the form of human flesh and die an ignominious death on a cross. Personally He loves you an me so much, has such plans for our lives. The writer to Hebrews reminds us that God as a loving Father, so loves us, that He does not want us to become deliquents and shipwreck our lives so He disciplines us. There were numerous times when I had to discipline my sons there were tears in my eyes, but did it because I loved them so much. They are in the Kingdom of God today, loving and serving the Lord, they thank me today that I disciplined them. God’s love will never run out, but let us not abuse it but daily run into Abba Father’s arms and just enjoy His love, and let us tell Him daily, we love Him and will live and if needs be die for Him.
THE COMMUNION (intimitate fellowship) OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. We know it was the Holy Spirit who convicted us of our sin, it was the Holy Spirit who drew us to that place of repentance and put gaith in our hearts to respond to the claims of Jesus. he always puts the spotlight on Jesus, but He is also the co-equal third member of the Godhead,and Paul is saying here we can have an intimate relationship with Him. Many great men of God have stumbled on this truth and will openly say they have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. I can’t say I fully understand what they mean, but I want to have a greater understanding and to experience ever increasing deeper intimacy with my God through the Holy Spirit. Will you with me start praying, “help me to understand what it means to have intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit and for me to experience it in my daily walk with the Lord” AMEN.
I do trust this blog has been a blessing to you. As we prepare for the weekend and going to the House of God, to worship and to receive His Word, may it be an unforgettable time, and may we then prepare to face a new week, with an ever greater appreciation of:
The grace of our God
The extravagant love of the Lord Jesus Christ
The fellowshgip and Communion (through) the Holy Spirit.
Let me hear from you please and also tell me one or more of your favourite verse.