10 August 2014


By John Ollis

It is now 5 full days since my surgery, and everything is going so well. The pain is under control, and although I  cannot put weight on my foot I have a little mobility, to go to the bathroom and shower etc. I will be having blood tests regularly to see if the infection is being dealt with by the antibiotics, pray with me that this will happen , and we can move on to stage 2 and have the new knee replacement put in.

I want us to look at Rom. 12:1-2 today. Paul pleads, almost commands us to present (surrender) ourselves (continually to the Lord. This and other verses are so clearly in the present continuous tense, yet never seems to be clearly expressed in the various translations.

Paul knows that we easily slip off the altar and need to reaffirm Christ’s Lordhip over our life. I have said many times, the only life worth living is a life that is totally and continually surrended to the Lord, Paul concludes verse one saying this is a normal act of worship. Is he suggesting our worship is ineffictive if we are not living a surrended life ?? I leave that question for you to answer.

Verse two speaks of the danger of letting the world squeeze us into its mould. We are living in a generation of compromise, many activities that seem normal today were unacceptable 50 years ago, are you willing to pray “Lord if the world is influencing me show me and by your grace  I will see it removed from my life”.Paul says we are to be TRANSFORMED, the word Paul uses is translated into English as metamorphosis, we may be hairy caterpillars, but God wants to release the butterfly within us, This can only happen as we seek to live the surrended life. This is part of my daily prayer, as I know I can’t do it without the Lord’s help. We have heard the saying which has so much truth, “unless Jesus is Lord of all He is not Lord at all.

I trust you hd a blessed time in church today, I did, it was just Jesus and me.