16 August 2014

SOME THOUGHTS ON PETITION (praying for yourself)

By John Ollis

We all often have problems, challenges, difficulties in our lives, and the Bible very clearly tells us to bring all our petitions to the Lord in prayer. Let me remind you, to get the very best out of prayer we MUST prepare our hearts,let me list them again:
1. Confession & Repentance Ps. 66.18 (if we have sin God is not listening).
2. Reaffirming Chrsit’s Lordship over our life
3. Thanksgiving Ps. 100.4
4. Praise Ps. 100.4
5. Worship (remember the Father is SEEKING worshippers).
6. Intercession
7. Petition
As i have said previously PETITION sadly is often no. 1 when we rush to God in prayer, but if we have sin in our hearts, God is not listening. Look at these ingredients, it is NOT a formula but you can see a progression.
1-5 Between us and the Lord
6 Others
7. Yourself last
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said:
Ask and keep on asking
Seek and keep on seeking
Knock and keep on knocking until the prayer is answered.
Remember Jesus KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT US, so be brutally honest when you come to Him with your needs, remember:
My God shall supply ALL your needs acoording to His riches in Glory.
Here is another truth I have learnt, and it is found in Matt.6.33
Seek FIRST The Kingdom (rule of God) and His righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you.
The more we delight in the Lord, and make Him our no. 1 priority, He knows our needs and He promises to meet them. So, yes, bring your needs to the Lord, BUT spend more and more time delighting, loving, adoring Him.
I also encourage you NOT to open your Bibles until you have prepared your heart with these 7 essential ingredients.
We would not plant seeds in a garden bed, that was full of weeds, but would prepare the garden bed first. Peter calls the Word of God a seed, let us so prepare our hearts, that a mighty harvest of the Word of God can be grown in our lives.
I trust this reminder is a blessing to you.
Please respond and tell me how you are. John ollis