16 August 2014


By John Ollis

It is now 10 days since I had my surgery (a piece of cement soaked in intibiotics called a spacer) was inserted in the knee after the knee repacement was removed. I cannot put any weight on my leg, so, very little mobility, although I do shower and go to the bathroom during the day, and have a short walk with the physio I spend a lot of time sitting and praying and if I get tired lay on the bed. (plus write a few blogs).
When they did the surgery, they aspirated the wound, and sent it to the Lab. This showed a 2nd infection, so I am now on 2 different types of antibiotics.
After 6 weeks the antibiotics will stop for two weeks, I guess more tests will be done to see if the infections have been killed and then the new knee replacement will be put in, so I am in hospital for at least another 8 weeks.
Overall, I am feeling ok, Praise the Lord.
Please pray with me :
1.That I can keep myself busy during this time, patience has never been my strongest virtue
2. That the infections will be dealt with once and for all FOREVER.
3. please remember Margaret during this very difficult time (it is her birthday on Tuesday as well.
I thank you for all your prayer in the past, please keep them flowing.
Much love in Jesus Name,