9 September 2014


By John Ollis

I had such a lovely day yesterday celebrating my birthday. Margaret came to the hospital in the afternoon and we had dinner together in my room. After she left I had my daily antibiotic infusion which tales about to hour. Then prepared myself for our fortnightly Pilot team Meeting (will soon be called an Eldership).  The meeting went very well, the Lord was very near and helped us in our decisions and planning. It finished around 9.30pm

I woke this morning feeling very tired (as yesterday had been a very big day for me). I was tempted to have a “pity party” but chose after some prayer to turn to Ps. 52.NKJV  There is a statement in verse ONE that simply stood out to me like a neon light.

“The Goodness of God endures CONTINUALLY”.  it was such a word of encouragement, and even more so as I began to meditate upon those words.  We all know the word “endure”  mean perpetual and constant.

David declares in Ps. 23.6 “Surely GOODNESS and mercy shall follow me ALL the days of my life”  wow.

Then in Zech. 9.17 the prophet declares “For how great is God’s GOODNESS, and how great is His beauty. Zechariah describes the size of God’s goodness,  it is GREAT.  Praise the Lord.

Then, I was reminded of Rom.  2.4. “The goodness of God leads us to repentance. We are in the Kingdom of God today, all because of His Goodness, all we deserved was the lowest hell, “but Jesus came and set US free. That was just the start, every day we can experience His goodness (His Kindness, His integrity).

I looked at Rom.11.22 “We must CONTINUE in His goodness.  What does that mean ?

Walking in the Light as he is in the Light.

Keeping short accounts with God and man.

Reaffirm His Lordship over our lives continually.

Walking in the Spirit, and not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh.

Walking in Faith.

Walking in Love.

Walking in Purity.

With every promise of God, there is our responsibility to do our part.


This word turned my day around, and I say “Thank you Lord”.