12 September 2014


By John Ollis

I can sincerely say, that I always pray for inspiration so that the blogs I write have been something the Lord has laid on my heart.
I am so glad that Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun”, and the fact that repitition is a major key in teaching. So there may not be anything new in this blog today, but let the Holy Spirit make it new or be a strong reminder to what we all need to do.
The burden of my heart is as you know for God’s people to develop an intimacy with God through prayer. If you simply see prayer as something you MUST do, or that it is a shopping list, prayer will always be unfulfilling to you, and equally there will be no true intimacy.
As the title of the blog expresses, we MUST prepare our hearts.  Here are some things that have really worked for me.
1. We must  clear the decks of any unconfessed sin,  no gardener would ever plant seeds in a garden bed that is full of weeds right  prayer ?
2. Because of our sinful nature, we often slip off the altar of surrender, so it is good to verbalise and reaffirm Jesus is ”
The Lord.
The Boss
The Master
The King
The Ruler
The Boss                  OF OUR LIVES.
3. Don’t open your Bible to read and meditate until after you have prepared your heart with prayer.
4. I personally have a lovely worship music cd that I play which also turns my heart to worship.
5. If you have a prayer language, (even if you don”t emotionally feel anything) begin to pray, Paul says this a great key to edifying ourselves.
6. When it comes to intercession Paul says in Rom. 8. that when we know not how to pray.let the Holy Spirit pray through us.
7. Remember prayer is a 2 way conversation, make time to let the Lord speak to you, either by that still small voice within, but especially as you meditate on the scriptures, chew over every word, look at the verse in  different translations, ask the Holy Spirit to “turn the light on”  remember when you receive that personal word from the Lord it produces faith in your heart.
So, let the above at least be a reminder to you as you spend time with the Lord today.
Remember: We become like the people we live with, May we change more and more into His image AMEN