23 September 2014


By John Ollis

In the latest screening of “Songs of Praise” this past Sunday night, a number of people were asked the question, “Why had they joined the church ? The answers were along the lines of:
Made wonderful friendships,
Taught them how to be a better person,
Connect with people and get involved in social events in a loving enviroment,
Felt valued, received a lovely welcome,
Not one mention that it was because of the grace and mercy of their Saviour Jesus Christ who had died for their sins and given them the gift of repentance.
I have quoted this straight from a Facebook entry received this morning. I recently did something similar in a different context and the answers .were much the same.
There is nothing wrong with the above answers these  churches must be good at what is called Pre evangelism, but we are called to present the Gospel, and encourage people to respond the claims of Jesus Christ in their life.
But, what does this suggest ?
There could be many people sitting in church Sunday after Sunday who are not converted. (what does that say about the preaching?)
There are people who have never made Jesus the Lord of  their life.
What a potential Mission Field we have INSIDE the church.
I am currently reading a small book by Peter Bolt, now a lecturer at Moore Theological College in Sydney. It is entitled Missions Minded”.
Do you have a concern for the lost ?
Are there members in your family who are backslidden or not born again ?
Do you have friends and neighbors who are not Christians ?
Do you have work colleagues who are not Christians ?
William Booth said, “He would like to hang ever officer over the pit of hell for them to realise the horrors of a lost eternity”.
Your church friends, colleagues, neighbors , are GOING TO HELL  unless they are born again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What must we do ?
1. Pray, for them, ask the Lord to make you sensitive to them. and ask for courage and the opportunity to plant seeds.
(a) An invitation for coffee or a meal
(b) offer to assist practically if there is a need
(c) mail a card expressing your appreciation for their friendship
(d) Offer them a good Christian book that could assist them.
(e) Ask the Lord for creative ways to build a bridge  to them.
(f) Pray for wisdom and courage to share the Gospel with them
(g) Get your Christian friends to pray with you for them.
Reinhardt Bonnke has the saying “We must plunder hell to populate heaven”.
Have you talked to anyone about Jesus recently ?
Have you had the joy of leading someone to Christ ?
Are you discipling a New Christian to grow and mature ?
The late Keith green sang a song, that asked the question, about “what we did and did not do”  Will we have to stand before the judgement Seat of Christ  and answer for the deeds we have done and not done ?????
My dream is that on that day 1000’s will rise up and call me “Blessed” because i had told them about Jesus.
This blog is written to encourage and challenge you to fulfil the Great Commission  in your world. May the lord help you to do just that.
Perhaps, you disagree with me, please don’t be silent, write and respond to this blog please ?