20 October 2014


By John Ollis

Yesterday, we looked at the picture of God as a refining fire, this principle is mentioned numerous times in the Word of God. Theologically it is called the work of Sanctification, where the Lord, works in our lives to make us holy.
In Hebrews 12: 5-11 we see another picture of this work of Sanctification. it is that of God as a Father, and the need He has to deal with the rebellion in our lives. The writer to Hebrews quotes Solomon (Prov.3:11-12)  We are not to react and reject the discipline God places on us, it is even described as chastening and scourging, the same words that was used for the whipping Jesus experienced  with the cat of nine tails whip (pieces of bone and iron  placed in the whip) so that the Psalmist could say that Christ’s back became like a ploughed field. I am sure you saw the movie The Passion of the Christ and will never forget the beating Jesus received., and the Bible says God does this to us, because He loves us, and does not want us to turn out rebels and delinquents.
As parents we have a responsibility to discipline our children so they will grow up as obedient children. We are now living in a generation dominated by the lies of Dr. Spock and thus have a generation of rebellious, ungodly young people who see no problem with drugs and excessive alcohol.and no respect for authority.
Verse 10 in Hebrews 12 tells us that God disciplines us that we will  be partakes of His Holiness., and verse 11 that the discipline produces the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have embraced the process.
No one enjoys the dealings of God, sadly, some think .it is the enemy that is causing all the problems in our life, but if we will lay hold of the grace of God we can embrace the process. The quicker we respond the quicker we learn the lesson and move to the new level. This process goes on from time to time throughout our whole life, so when we come to the end of the journey, we have been changed into the likeness of God.
Many Christians do not like this type of teaching, many have been brought up on the false teaching that being a Christian is living on a bed of roses, and it is prosperity all the way. The end result of embracing the process is .abundance and blessing and much fruitfulness, but we must endure the fire and the father’s discipline first.
It may be at this very time you are going through a difficult time, remember god is Sovereign, he is not surprised by anything you may be going through, He has at least permitted it, so he can make us more like His son Jesus. Let me remind you agaon of Rom. 8.28 ALL things are working together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.
God loves us with an everlasting love, and he has this plan He devised in eternity past to raise up a family of sons and daughters who are conformed to thje image of His son Jesus.
Tomorrow, we will look at another illustration (picture) found in the Word of God that may also assist you to understand this awesome truth.
I sure want to be more like Jesus, and I am sure you do too, let us pray for one another that by His grace we embrace the process and let the Lord complete that which he has started in us. Amen.