20 October 2014

A HEALTH UPDATE (20/10/14)

By John Ollis

It is now three weeks since i was discharged from hospital, and it is good to report that every day there are clear incremental positive changes. The pain is well under control, the cracked tibia “feels”: as if it is healing, as I putĀ  a little extra weight on my left leg.from time to time.
I have many faith goals I want to fulfill over the next couple of months, and would ask you to please keep praying for me, that I am wise and not over do it. I preached twice on Sunday, and did feel drained yesterday (Monday) I am teaching for a short time tonight too in our prayer meeting on “The authority of the Believer in prayer”. may the teaching be anointed and bless God’s people.
I see the surgeon on 10th November (20 days time), I trust by then i can drive again and am walking well and my tibia is totally healed.
My faith goals include returning to Asia for ministry in 2015, will you pray with me, that if this is also the Father’s plan, the passion and the burden will continue to work in my life and those doors are open wide for me?
It has been a long journey, and it is not over yet, May with the Lord’s grace and help I come through completely, I am and will give him all the praise and glory.
God blesx oyu all, please drop me a line and let me know you are receivinmg these blogs.