4 March 2015


By John Ollis

I trust you didn’t groan when you either received a WordPress email or saw another blog come up on your FB page. You may have said “It is either a feast or a famine with Ollis” and that is partly true, but the reality is, I seem to have moved to a new level of health (Praise the Lord) it is so good to be infection free after over 2 years and to be basically pain free as well. I have cut out all major pain killing medication and am also cutting back on the general stuff as well. The muscles and tendons around my knee are not fully co-operating but it is SO much better.
There is no doubt the physical and spiritual are closely aligned, and when one is feeling better it is easier to centre your heart and mind on the Lord. I mentioned in a recent blog, I was so blessed last Sunday morning in church, and that blessing has been resting on me all week. so put the physical and spiritual together, and I am rejoicing so much in the goodness and blessing of the Lord on my body and spirit.
I will never just write blogs for blogs sake, I always want them to be something the Lord has quickened to my heart, and if I feel it relevant to a wider audience I will write.
On Sunday we are taking off again for another week’s holiday, doing things and seeing things we could not do in the last 2 years. We will be spending a lot of time on what is called “The Great Ocean Road” which as the name suggests follows the coast in our State. Margaret and I want to do more of this, without neglecting our other numerous responsibilities.
I am also starting to get busy preparing for my Teaching Ministry trip to Indonesia in the last 2 weeks of May. As well as preaching on 4 weekends, the first week’s teaching program is about 27 hours, the second week 15 hours. I would request special prayer as you can appreciate this is going to be a tremendous physical drain. The third week is in Singapore which I trust will be at least partly R&R but there is ministry involved as well, and catching up with many friends we have there.
So, if you had bene wondering why the flourish of blogs this week, the above is the reason.
I plan to write another blog or two tomorrow which is the basis of my next sermon on 22nd March.
Never forget God has awesome plan for your life, He will give you His grace to co-operate with Him to see his purposed fulfilled in your life. Paul said of King David in Acts 11.36 that David fulfilled the purposes of God in his generation. I sure want that to be said about me, and it is my prayer for you today.
Please respond to let me know what is happening in your life.