13 May 2015


By John Ollis

Last Friday as I  met as usual for fellowship with the local Pastors, the topic of “Worship” came up for discussion. It is so interesting the various definitions of what worship is. I wonder whether we complicate it, and put too many components into our definition.
In the Greek text (Strongs no. 4352) the main word used for worship in the New Testament  comes from the Greek to mean to Kiss, or lick the hand like a dog. I guess it simply means to love and adore and bow down, simply the language of the heart  expressed to our Saviour and Lord.
If that is true, then we need to prepare our hearts for worship and do as David did in Psalm 100:4  and spend some time in Thanksgiving (counting our blessings) and Praise (for His awesome salvation) this should then make it so easy to just bow down and worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
I suggest we disentangle the components out of our definition of worship and just simply seek to love the Lord (constantly) with all our heart and mind and soul, and especially when we spend intimate time alone with Him (the lover of our soul).
Secondly, we leave in a couple of hours to catch the train to Melbourne for our first Teaching Ministry trip in over 2 years. Physically, it is going to be a challenge, (and also a test to see how my body handles it for the future).
I simply ask that DAILY you would consider prating especially for us for:
Travelling mercies
Health & strength
A fresh anointing on all the ministry.
I thank you in anticipation.
God bless you all.