10 June 2015


By John Ollis

We arrived home yesterday after being away for 27 days. We have returned extremely tired, and with coughs and colds but rejoicing in the goodness and blessing of God. The trip was a test to see how I would handle things physically, I believe I passed the test well, my knee gave me some problem, and this will be looked  at by the surgeon next week, it will probably require minor surgery.
We decided to travel to Melbourne and stay overnight near the airport for the early flight to Singapore, and also stay overnight there as well, instead of going onto Indonesia the same day.
We flew into Semarang early Friday afternoon, and basically rested until Saturday evening, then preached, and twice on the Sunday. Then Monday morning commenced an exciting week of teaching at Impact the School of God’s movement, with around 250 students. It was an awesome week of blessing the students are so hungry to receive the Word. I made some new and special friends. The staff as always were a great blessing to us.
We flew to Jakarta on Saturday, preached Sunday morning at a new church plant, and Monday through Friday taught at Rhema Bible Training Centre. Another great bunch of students. Sunday morning preached again at the new church plant, and then Sunday at 5pm preached at Christ Cathedral to a 1000+ young adults, there were 9 first time commitments at the end of the service. I was able to renew fellowship with one of my spiritual sons who is now on staff at the church.
Monday, we flew to Singapore for a week of rest and relaxation, and catching up with numerous friends. There were so many who wanted to meet up, and sadly I could not connect with all our friends.
We flew home on the 5 minutes to midnight flight and arrived in Melbourne at 9.15a.m. on Tuesday morning.
I just want to give thanks for all the Lord’s blessings on us during this time, it was truly a memorable trip. Please keep us in your prayers, that health and strength rushes into our bodies over the next few days.