19 June 2015


By John Ollis

I want to say thanks for the great response to my recent blogs. I only write as the Lord lays something on my heart. My blogs will never be political, but simply a Shepherd’s expression to help God’s people be challenged, encouraged, edified, and at times make you think, even outside the box. We are living in such interesting, potentially difficult days for many believers, no one knows the day of the Lord’s return, but we are told of the many signs that precede His return. There have never been so many signs all at the same time, that should make us prepare to see the Lord break through the clouds in our generation.
The Lord has so much for us personally to embrace and make our own, it is all spelt out in the Word, but is simply information until it becomes a Rhema word to us, and we then apply the truth too our lives.
The biggest challenge we all have is, that we think we have heard it all before, there is nothing new, I am ok ? etc. etc. Lord help us NOT to settle down, but beat our bodies if needs be (1 Cor.9:27) to stay open to whatever the Lord wants to say to us,and that our hearts are willing to obey His word to us.
I am not suggesting I have all the answers, but almost 64 years of Christian experience has sure taught me a lot, sometimes the lessons had to be learned more than once, I can be so thick !!
May you go to church this weekend anticipating you will truly meet the Lord (between the wings of the Cherubim Ps. 80:1), that you will see Him high and lifted up and His glory shall fill your personal house (body) and the House of the Lord. Remember to prepare your heart with Repentance, Surrender, Thanksgiving, and Praise, and you will want to Worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. You will come away from church saying “It was good (no great) to be in the House of the Lord, for He spoke to me as I worshipped Him and through the preaching of the Word, I am ready to face another exciting week, walking and serving the Lord.
I would love to hear from you, of how the Lord met with you, and what he may have said to you.