20 June 2015


By John Ollis

I mentioned briefly in my last blog about the current teaching overemphasis on “grace, that gives people the idea that now they are Christians and all their sins have been forgiven they can live the way they like. The Grace of God is awesome teaching in the New Testament and I guess it has been underemphasised as much overemphasised over the years. Humanity tends to swing between licence and legalism, but we must find the balance.
Many of the current “grace” teachers have come out of a legalistic form of Christianity and have reacted to it. I personally was saved (born again) in a Holiness denomination,and picked up lots of legalistic practices. I need to go on and say though, I do not believe it has had a negative effect on my life.
Coupled with the “cheap grace” teaching, and often without it has developed a generation of many compromising Christians, who see no problem with swearing, excessive alcohol drinking, unforgivenss, bitterness ,uncontrolled emotions etc.  and literally often a very poor witness for their faith. I guess this sounds critical, but it is a fact.
My time in hospital last year gave me the time to just enjoy the Lord’s presence and let Him speak to me, including this awesome truth of God’s grace and mercy. It is totally undeserved, but thank God it is available to us. let me quote again another statement from my last blog.
Grace is NOT a licence to sin, but the ability to live above sin, not that we cannot sin, but need not sin.
This is simply the message of the Holiness Movement around the world, with their added specific emphases. Sadly some teach there is that moment when the old nature can be plucked out of our lives. I wish I could find this teaching in the scriptures, but I cannot. What I do see though  is as I learn to live the DAILY SURRENDERED LIFE 24/7, and remain on the altar as a living sacrifice my old nature is “rendered powerless” and I can live a Holy life.
So that now we are Christians, we can’t do our own thing, but must learn to do His thing ((His will).
As I said yesterday, I am still learning this truth, so what I want to share is out of painful defeat and disappointment.. Salvation is not just getting our sins forgiven and bringing us back into right relationship with God, Through Christ’s death and resurrection we have received an inheritance that makes us able to live a victorious life. Is this truth being preached ? Are God’s people listening if it is being preached? Let me share some awesome scriptures with you that confirm all that I am saying. Please meditate on these verses, and let the Holy Spirit give you illumination (revelation) it will change your life.
2 Peter 1:3 We have ALL THINGS pertaining to life and godliness.  Not some things but ALL things, we do not have an excuse do we?
2 Peter 1:4 We are now partakers of the Divine nature of Christ. When the incorruptible seed  (sperma) of God’s Word caused us to be born again, we received God’s DNA and every time we receive a rhema word more of His DNA comes into us. God’s plan is that we are completely changed into His likeness, let us co-operate with the Lord and spend much time meditating on His Word and let this happen.
Acts 1:8 We have the power and anointing of the Holy SPIRIT. He came into us when we were born again, His very name is HOLY, He wants to helps us continually to surrender to the Lord, and let His nature permeate our lives.
Romans 14:17 We have love, joy, peace and righteousness in the Holy Spirit, this is our inheritance, and we can enjoy it continually, We have been declared righteous, now with God’s help we can walk and practice righteous living.
Romans 8:11 We have victory and freedom from the bondage of sin. We have to stop blaming our parents, our circumstances, our environment, we have the victory, we have been set free, now we must walk in it.
Romans 5:11 We have continuous access into the presence of God. we can come boldly, fearlessly, with confidence, it is our right, our inheritance to come anytime and find the grace and help we need Heb.4:16.
Romans 8:17 We are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. Everything Jesus has received from the Father is ours, I don’t fully comprehend it, but God said it, I believe it, that settles it.
Ephesians 6:10-18 We have a complete set of armour to totally protect us from every attack of the evil one. We must learn what piece of armour we need, put it on and learn how to use it. Again we have no excuse. but to live a holy, victorious life.
Is this teaching challenging you ? you may have some decisions to make, like who you hang around with, the current standards in your life, you may have to sit down and count the cost of what it means to be totally surrendered to Jesus 24/7. You may have to ask what would Jesus do in many of the situations, practices and attitudes you currently have.
God commands us to be holy, the Jews under the Old Covenant could not obey the command, but under the  New Covenant, we have no excuse, as God has provided all we need to fulfil His command. I sure want to be part of the Church Jesus presents to Himself, that does not have any spots, or blemishes or wrinkles, but shows forth the likeness and nature of Jesus Christ.
What I have shared is supposed to be the norm for Christians, there may be some who read this think I am extreme, and one cannot live a holy life in the 21st century, I BELIEVE WE CAN. Let the Lord speak to you through this blog, and by His grace move up to the next level and experience personally what is your inheritance in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I had not planned to write a second blog today but have felt impelled to write this today. May it produce much Godly fruit in many believers lives.