12 September 2015


By John Ollis

We went to church Sunday morning 23/8th and then after lunch took a train to Melbourne to catch our flight to Copenhagen via Dubai. We had arranged 2 nights in a hotel to rest and deal with jet lag before we joined the cruise on Wednesday morning. We needed those 2 days plus a couple of days on the ship before the effects of the wretched jet lag had left us.
We had a fantastic holiday and cruise, every city we visited was great, especially St. Petersburg which I think is unique in the world, it really is a beautiful city. The cruise concluded Monday morning 7/9th and we were transferred to the airport for our flight home. I actually celebrated my birthday on the plane 8/9th, the crew supplying a lovely small cake. I am now 74 years young.
Our flight was delayed in Dubai for 4+hours, so we got into Melbourne after the last train had left. This was good so we could have some rest (if not much sleep) before we took the last leg home. We arrived early afternoon Wednesday.
Previous experience¬† has been that jet lag is worse coming back than going over, this was and is Margaret’s experience, but not mine. I woke Thursday morning 10/9th and my head was head was so clear, and had very little pain in my knee. It has been 10 weeks since the last surgery, and recovery had been slow (as far as I was concerned) and had been praying much about it. Here it is Saturday morning, and my health continues to improve. I honestly believe I have turned a corner, and the Lord has answered prayer. I have been able to cut back on the pain killers, and will cease using them very soon Praise the Lord. it is almost 3 years since I contracted the staph. infection and it has been a very rough 3 years. I am committed to Rom.8.28 “All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, to those who are called according to His purpose”. the Lord permitted this situation to work in my life, and I thank Him for His love, and the work of grace he has done in my life during this period.
I so look forward to being in Father’s House tomorrow to worship the Lord with my brothers & sisters in Christ and to receive His word, I love the truth in Ps. 65.4 “We shall be satisfied by the goodness of Your house”. We so need to regularly fellowship with god’s people in His house, I look forward to being satisfied Hallelujah.
Ministry wise there is nothing on the horizon except my blogging. I am at peace about it, I feel I am in God’s “Waiting Room” and very soon an exciting door of opportunity and ministry will open up.
Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support, please keep it flowing.
I would love to receive your response to this and yesterday’s blogs. Have a blessed day in father’s house tomorrow.