3 November 2015


By John Ollis

Psalm 92 is one of my favourite Psalms, as it is so full of New Covenant truth, I would like to at least start reminding you of  some precious truths found in this Psalm today. The title of the Psalm is A song for the Sabbath day, but as the blog  title suggests as every day is the Lord’s day under the New Covenant, this is a song we can and should sing EVERY DAY.
The Psalmist commences with THANKSGIVING.  He reminds us that it is  beautiful and good thing to give thanks. We are born unthankful and need to develop a thankful heart, because every good and perfect thing comes from God, and even in the midst of temptation and pressure we must learn to be thankful because our God is sovereign and He permits those pressure times to work in our lives. God has put a NEW SONG in our mouths and we must  and cannot help but sing praises to our God.
The Psalmist reminds us of some of the reasons we should be thankful, every morning we should meditate on His lovingkindness, He truly loves us with an everlasting consistent love. Where would we be but for His love and grace? Then every evening thank God for His faithfulness, I am so glad  God is not like  a man who reacts like we do, even when we are unfaithful, HE EVER REMAINS FAITHFUL.  This brings a tear to my eye as I think about God’s faithfulness to me.
In verse 4 The Psalmist reminds as  we meditate (count our blessings) we can’t help but be glad and shout for joy for His work in us, for His great creation, for every blessing that we so undeservedly receive.
There was a time when we were “thick” and were blind to all God’s blessings but when we were declared “not guilty” and bought out of the slave market of sin, and our eyes were opened, and we began to feel “as strong as a charging bison (Message v.10) and  He honoured me with a festive parade, (even though we deserved nothing, and God did it all anyway).
Then for the rest of the Psalm the psalmist declares  all that a relationship with God produces. When we are born again, we are declared righteous, and as we learn to walk in righteousness, we will flourish and prosper like a date palm tree, (the sweetest fruit of all), like a  Lebanese Cedar that puts it roots down 100 feet or more  into the soil so we have put our roots down deep into God and His Word and can stand strong and tall and straight even when the cyclones blow.. The righteous are planted deeply and committed to a local church and serves the Lord there, again this produces such spiritual prosperity, even when we are aging, we are still lithe and green and virile, and fresh and flourishing (fat) and until our last breath we will declare the Lord is upright (consistently faithful) He is like a Rock even a mighty Everest. What a mighty God we love and serve Amen.