22 December 2015


By John Ollis

Especially in the Western world many hundreds of millions of people make New Year Resolutions, statistics tell us that over 90% are either forgotten or fail within the first month.
Any type of resolution (or goal) requires some planning, with questions like “how am I going to accomplish this”? “What changes do I need to make”? “Am I willing to pay the price and sacrifice for what I want changed”?
Christians need to re-evaluate regularly what is happening in their world, whether it be in their personal lives and career, their walk with God, their ministry, their family etc.
I had a couple of chats recently on social media that made me think about this personally. I chatted with a missionary friend serving in a S.E. Asian nation, where there has never been a spiritual breakthrough, I have also personally ministered in the nation quite a number of times. We both agreed that there are strong spiritual forces over the nation that are stopping the church moving forward. Dr. Yonggi Cho of South Korea says the Church in that nation moves under an “open heaven” because the spiritual forces have been cast down. We need Intercessors (Men of the Spirit) who understand spiritual warfare to take authority over the forces in my friend’s nation and see them cast down, and an “open heaven”come over that nation, which produces a mighty spiritual revival.
I chatted to another friend who now resides in U.S.A. She is an awesome worship Pastor and teacher, and of course someone who loves to worship. We lamented that real Biblical Worship in the Spirit seems to have been lost in much of the Church, and the emphasis on “excellence” and congregations becoming spectators as they watch the worship team on the platform doing their thing. Matt. Redman wrote that awesome song, “I am coming back to the heart of worship, it’s all about you Jesus”. Jesus said the Father is seeking worshippers, who will worship in spirit and truth. (Men and women who know what worship in the Spirit is all about).
I have also been thinking much about the place of the Word of God in our preaching. Often apart from the Bible reading, there is little “Word” in the preaching. Yet, it is only the Word of God that will change people’s lives. Oh how we need more (Men of the Word).
In a recent history written of my old Alumni and the College I taught at for 11 years, (1987-97) It was said of myself and others that our Theological qualifications would not be good enough for us to teach at the College anymore. I understand that Theological education and training is an ever growing and developing area, but there sadly is I believe some snobbery there in the statement as well.
I have been told that I at least have “Intuitive Hermeneutics” meaning that although I do not have the “paper qualifications” the Holy Spirit gives me revelation and understanding of the text. Does that suggest that if you have the “paper qualifications” therefore you will always understand the meaning of the text ????
I have shared these 3 stories to highlight some of my resolves for 2016. I list them not to boast, but by God’s grace want these to be my increasing experience.
I want to live and walk in my inheritance as a child of God, knowing a higher level of victory, purity and holiness in my life.
I want to have a constant lifestyle of worship in the Spirit, not just something I do in my Quiet Time and at church.
I want to be a Man of the Word, in my teaching and preaching, and that every time I stand to minister I will not be an echo, but an anointed voice that brings a “quickened word” to God’s people.
I want to be a Man who moves in the Spirit, who moves in the Gifts of the Spirit, and expecting signs to follow the preaching of the Word.
I seek your prayer support so that I can really fulfil these goals in 2016, I know the depravity of my own heart (Jer. 17:9) and also the physical signs of aging in my body that tempts me to slow down and just take it easy, but with the Lord’s help I will move to a new level in all these areas.
All of the illustrations I have listed are meant as constructive criticism, not destructive, May God’s people, His Ministers, and thus His Church “build according to the pattern of the Word in 2016, if we do we are guaranteed the glory of God.
Has this blog made sense, what do you think? I would appreciate your comments. My prayer for you is that 2016 will be the greatest year of blessing and fruitfulness you have ever experienced.