29 December 2015


By John Ollis

Further to my last blog on new year resolutions, I realised that all my resolutions (goals) were very selfish. Although they are spiritual goals that will please the Lord, I realised that there was one matter I had not given consideration too.
Jesus tells us “It is harvest Time now” yet none of my resolutions involved the unsaved. All my close family live overseas, and I pray daily that the Lord would bring someone across their path and that person/s would witness to them and that my family will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
But what about the world I live in ? Do people come across my path on a regular basis? the answer of course is yes, but am I too busy, am I blind, do I care?
We used to sing a song, the first verse went like this
Lord lay some soul upon my heart, and love that soul though me,
And may I bravely do I my part, to win that soul for Thee.
Some soul for Thee, some soul for Thee, this is my earnest plea,
Help me each day on life’s highway, to win some soul for Thee,
I ask the Lord for His forgiveness, right now, for being too busy, too uncaring. and also ask the I will be sensitive, that my spiritual eyes will be open, to see those who need to hear the good news.
We are living in crazy sick days, surely the Lord’s return is near, and I want to realise more and more, that if a person does not know Jesus he is going to hell and a lost eternity.
I profess to be “filled with the Spirit” and Jesus says that gives me  the power to witness. Acts 1.8
So in 2016, with the Lord’s help, every day before I leave my home, I want to pray,” let me see those You bring across my path, that my life is a living testimony to the indwelling Christ in me, and that I will courageously share the good news with them.  May there be many more people in the kingdom of God at the end of 2016, not just because of my preaching, but  because of my personal witness,
Will you agree with me in faith, do you also agree in principle that every believer should do this? Let us encourage our fellow believers Amen.