29 January 2016


By John Ollis

I have been thinking much lately about what I believe, and how my thinking and beliefs have changed over the years.. The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth, and after being a believer for 64+ years,, with my personal study of the Scriptures, earning 2 degrees, and much interaction with other seekers of truth, have brought me to some conclusions, but I don’t ever want to be inflexible but open for the Lord to open up the Word of God more and more.
Let me remind you that I was  brought up in home of non believers, my father had made a decision for Christ as a young man, but was far from God when he met my mother. Mum had taught Sunday School but only had a lot of religion. By the time I was born they were developing alcoholics.
In hindsight, I can see the sovereign hand of God in people coming to our door and inviting me to Sunday School. Although I did not stay long at that church, it was the start of a pilgrimage that has been unforgettable.
Being exposed then to the Salvation Army and coming to Christ, and then beginning to see the truths of Sanctification were life changing. then meeting “extreme” Pentecostals caused me to search further, and seek to know more of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.
Having served the Lord for 50+ years in both Pastoral and Bible College ministry, plus the missions call that took me to 25+ countries, exposing me to the Church, the beautiful Body of Christ in those nations. My perspective, my beliefs, my ministry could not help but be changed. Men of other generations like:
Leonard Ravenhill
Samuel Logan Brengle, and many others all have impacted my life.
I will thank God throughout eternity for the teaching, and mentoring by Kevin Conner, (now in his late 80’s living in retirement in Melbourne) he has had a major impact on my life.
Of late I have been greatly influenced by an American Baptist Theologian Dr. John Piper. He is described as a Reformed, Charismatic Minister, and this s  the camp (or stream) I currently feel most comfortable in. His theological position is where I feel the most comfortable, some may say I have compromised my theology, and some may even call me a heretic, and want nothing more to do with me.
In the following blogs, in my own simple way, let me explain what I believe and why I believe it.  I look forward to your responses, I pray this new series will be a blessing to you.
Tomorrow, is Sunday, and I look forward to going to the Lord’s House, and meet  with Him and my fellow believers. May you also be blessed as you worship the Lord in church.