24 February 2016


By John Ollis

To many who read my blogs this is a silly question, as we are at that age in the aging process, where forgetfulness seems to be part and parcel of life. We can tell humorous stories of how we decided to put something in a special place, then can’t remember where that special place was.
Some people walk into a room, and then can’t remember why they wanted to be there. Some have the frustrating experience of not being able to remember a person’s name, and then have to trawl through the hard drive in our mind to recollect that name. Be encouraged for most of us, it is simply the aging process, not the first signs of Alzhiemer’s disease.
I am glad to tell you today, that God also suffers with forgetfulness, When we are born again He places all our sins into the “sea of His forgetfulness” and on the shore is a big sign NO FISHING.  The enemy often wants to remind us of our past, and we can tell him,  my sins are under the blood of Jesus, God has totally forgotten them. We should then remind him of his future!!!!!
There is also something special that God does remember.  HE KNOWS MY NAME. Is49:16 NLT.  See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.  Every day when God looks at His hands He sees my name. I am overwhelmed as I consider this, THAT I AM ALWAYS ON HIS MIND.  We talk much about Christ’s finished work on the cross, what about His unfinished work ???  The writer to Hebrews tells us (7:25)  “Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us”. We are also always on Christ’s  mind.  thank you Jesus.
We do not have a single excuse in the world,
We can live a holy victorious holy and pure life
We have the Holy Spirit  indwelling us
We have Jesus constantly interceding for us.
We personally have continuous access into the presence of God
We have a glorious inheritance
We are members of the Body of Christ
I m glad today, God is forgetful, but doubly glad HE KNOWS MY NAME AND IS NTERCEDING FOR ME.
Are you glad about that ????