6 March 2016


By John Ollis

I just watched a C.B.N. tv news report on the revival in Indonesia. I was so blessed watching it, and knowing how true the story is. In the largest Muslim nation in the world the Christian population is now at least 30%. I have seen much of this growth with my own eyes. There are local churches of 50.000+ members, 30.000+ members, 20.000+ members, and they are all part of denominations. I have had the pge of preaching in some of these great churches. Although my primary involvement is to help train workers fro this vast mission field. So many I claim as spiritual sons and daughters.
Virtually all the growing churches are Pentecostal churches majoring on the power of God to change lives, and what Missiologists  call REDEMPTION LIFT is so evident in the converts lives. Their standard of living in  this poor (in many ways) country has dramatically improved as they have embraced a Christian lifestyle. The worship in the services is vibrant and very culturally relevant, and the preaching is anointed and effective.. Family members and neighbours are seeing the lifestyle change and the pure joy and are curious.
So, as the blog  title suggests, we have much to praise and thank God for, but let us continue to pray that more amore Indonesians will come to Christ. let is accept the Lord’s invitation in Psalm 2: 8 “Ask of me and I will give the nations for an inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession”.
Let us continue to pray until Jesus is Lord over Indonesia.
Margaret and I plan to leave for Indonesia on Thursday 5th May, we have confirmed preaching ministry in Semarang, and a week’s teaching in a Bible School there (300+students for around 27 class hours, then fly to Bandung for 9 days preaching  at 6 different churches in that  great city. I will write again closer to the time seeking prayer.
I met a lady missionary in Jerusalem in 1976 who was also an author and song writer who’s ministry eventually took her around the world.. She is now with the Lord. She wrote this song, which is a prayer that may help you as you pray for Indonesia and the nations.
We ask for the nations, we call them by name, we present them to the Father in Jesus’ Name, we ask not for riches, we ask not for gain, we ask for the nations in Jesus’ Name.
May they not be forsaken, may they not be ashamed, oh,may they know Jesus onth at great judgement day, may they not be found naked, oh, may they be clothed, when they stand before Jesus that day at the throne.
We ask for the masses,  for the millions of souls who are lost without Jesus outside of the fold, Lord help us to see the with compassion like yours to reach out and lead them to the Good Shepherd’s door
We ask for the beggars the blind and the lame, we ask for the lepers, You know them by name, we see them as masses, you see them one by one, You see in each person a heart to be won.
So we ask for the nations……
You can replace the word nations and replace it with Indonesia or any nation the Lord has laid on your heart. Let us accept the Lord’s promise, and ASK FOR THE NATIONS.