4 March 2016


By John Ollis

In my comments on Acts 2 :1-11 in my “The Church is born” blog, the Bible says the  120  disciples in the upper room were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then many if not all of this group were filled again in Acts 4:31 “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the Word of God with boldness”. So being Spirit filled is NOT a once only experience but needs to be the constant experience of the believer, Paul reminds us in Eph. 5:18 “Be continuously filled with the Spirit”. But how can one maintain such an experience ?
We have previously said we must learn to be re-affirming Christ’s Lordship in our lives, In other words our constant prayer must be Jesus you are the Lord, the Boss, the Master, the Ruler, the king, the owner of my life. We pray.

I  surrender all, I surrender all

All to Thee my Blessed Saviour

I surrender all.

After I have done this, I pray, if I have pushed you out of any area of my life, come and fill this house with your Spirit.

As we seek to maintain this walk in the Spirit, numerous things will become more evident in our lives.

The very name of the third person in the Trinity is HOLY SPIRIT. As believers we have been declared to  be righteous (holy) but now we are letting the Holy Spirit practically and experientially make us holy, plus it becomes is our primary desire as we walk in the Spirit  to live a holy, victorious life. These are some of the things I have experienced in my life, I am sure there are many more, you may like to respond and share some thoughts with me, which I would happily include in another blog

We will fall in love with Jesus more and more.

We will love the Word of God more and more, and will want to spend more time reading and meditating in it.

When you live in the Spirit you will experience more and more Romans 5:5

God’s (agape) love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.

God actually puts His love in our hearts so we can love Him

God actually puts His love in our hearts so we can love our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God actually puts His love into our hearts so we can love our enemies

God actually puts His love in our hearts so we can love the lost (unbelievers)

Agape love is a one way love, it loves in spite of, not because of !!!!!!

When you live in the Spirit your life will be lived in the light of Christ’s soon return.

It seems to when you live in the Spirit, you have a special love for the Jews and Israel.

So, the key to living the Spirit filled life is to learn the life of surrender, may the Lord help us, (and He wants too, as this is THE NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE.