29 March 2016


By John Ollis

We now move onto the SOUL of man which the Bible suggests also has three parts.
I concluded the last blog by saying God wants to invade our soul man, I am sure you will agree with me these 3 areas mentioned above, are three areas that give us a lot of problem, the reality is unless Christ is the LORD OF OUR MIND WILL AND EMOTIONS, we will never live a victorious Christian life.
The MIND is the battle field of the soul, every battle is one or lost in the mind. The mind is the very first area the evil one attacks, the story of Eve in the garden so emphasises this. He filled her mind with doubts about the integrity of God. Can I suggest you do a word study on MIND in Paul’s letters, we must learn to put on THE HELMET OF SALVATION to protect our mind (Eph. 6). This is a separate teaching in itself I have found 8 keys in the New Testament that are keys to protecting our mind. If we don’t “cast down” sinful thoughts, our EMOTIONS are stirred.  For example you hear someone is talking negatively about you, the more you think about it the angrier (emotions) you feel. If a person fantasises about sexual things, their body is aroused (emotions).
The Bible says,  that Eve’s EMOTIONS were stirred “the fruit looked good to eat”, if the emotions are not quickly dealt with, then a decision is made, Eve took the fruit and disobeyed God, and sin entered the world. Do you see the progression, let sinful thoughts remain in your mind,  your emotions will be stirred, and sin will take place.

We will have sinful thoughts until the day we die, (that is not the problem) it is what we do with them. That is why a Believer MUST learn to surrender himself continually to the Lord.


Let me encourage you to start today, and let it become  a daily lifestyle when you spend time in prayer, say “Jesus I surrender all to you, I want you to be the Lord, the Master, the King, The Ruler, the Owner of my mind,  my emotions and my will” I want to be sanctified, spirit, soul and body. We must let the Holy Spirit invade our soul, Let Him be the PRESIDENT of your soul.

Our body is the next major area of potential problem, that God wants to invade   we will look at this area in our next blog.