26 July 2016


By John Ollis

I wrote yesterday of the need and importance of “looking up” and seeing the signs of the Lord’s imminent return. There has probably been hundreds of millions of words spoken and written regarding “end times”, the doctrine is called Eschatology.
By the time I graduated from Bible College over 50 years ago, I was settled in my second coming understanding. We had been taught there were three major Schools of thought regarding the Lord’s return and end times. All the schools were based on the Word of God, even though they were in conflict with each other, at least in the interpretation of what the Bible said.
Firstly, there was the Post Millennial School which taught that the world was getting better and would usher in a thousand years of blessing and prosperity and then the Lord would return. This School got totally decimated with the war to end all wars, followed by the 2nd world war.
Secondly, there is the Pre-Millennial School, which teaches that Christ will return either before the Great Tribulation begins, and take the Church out of the problem, and take them to Paradise and then return after the seven years and then Jesus sets up His millennial kingdom.
Variations to this School are that Jesus will return half way through the great tribulation (after three and a half years) and take the Church out. another variation is that the Lord returns after the seven year Great Tribulation, and then sets up His Millennial kingdom.  The first two positions are often jokingly called the “great escape hatch”. No one seems to consider that the church in various countries like China have had persecution and tribulation for fifty years!!!!
As this was the position held (at the time) by the denomination I am part off I accepted this School as my personal end time position.
The third School is called the Amillennial position, that there is not a literal physical thousand year reign of Christ on the earth following His return, and the verses regarding this  are  therefore interpreted spiritually.
Fifty years ago I was a crusader for the pre-Millennial School, and would fight “to the death” with anyone who did not agree with this position that I was so convinced was the most Biblical position of all three Schools.
Today, I no longer belong to any School, and simply hold fast to two specific positions and attitudes regarding the end times.

  1. That I determine daily to be ready for the Lord to break through the clouds, thus regularly look up seeing the signs everywhere of His soon return. To seek to live a holy,  victorious fruitful life.
  2. That I continue to be busy in the Lord’s vineyard, doing 3 things: (a) Obey the Great Commission

(b) Make disciples
(c) Help to build authentic New Testament churches.
I refuse to get into any argument regarding “second coming” teaching and do as I have stated above. I think the enemy is very happy if we sit about fighting and arguing, and are too busy to do what we should be doing.

What do you think, I would appreciate your comments and response.