5 August 2016


By John Ollis

There seems to be a restlessness in many believers that seems to say they are not satisfied with their relationship with the Lord. Again, poor discipleship can be one reason, as they were never directed clearly to where they could find real satisfaction. Or they see around them many believers trying to find satisfaction in other things.
In Asia, when you purchase certain items, and ask the price, you will be informed it is so much PLUS PLUS, meaning the cost plus two extra taxes of some kind. Many believers want Jesus plus plus, meaning they also want to have one foot in the world and seek a degree of satisfaction there as well. As a teenager I used to sing a song or chorus that included the words “I pass the world contented by”. The situation is simply this:


I read in Psalm 105:40-41 The people asked, and He brought quail, and satisfied them with the bread of heaven, He opened the rock, and water gushed out; it ran in the dry places like a river. Now let us pass this beautiful verse through the Cross, and apply New Covenant principles to it.

Quail is sometimes translated “meat” that would suggest we need a balanced diet, common sense tells us that unless our diet is balanced, physically and even emotionally, we can become unwell. Spiritually we also need to have a balanced spiritual diet if we are to experience true satisfaction.

The Psalmist then speaks of the  “Bread of heaven” referring to the manna that fell to the ground each day (except on the Sabbath) heaven may simply mean from above, but as new Covenant believers, to us it means God’s Word, (coming to us from heaven) for us to read and meditate upon, so that the Logos becomes a Rhema, (the information becoming revelation) and causes us to be SATISFIED.

Then the Psalmist speaks of the water that flowed from the rock, speaking to us of the Holy Spirit which indwells us, and Jesus says it should flow out of our innermost being, and satisfy us totally, just like water running into dry places and making a river.


The Psalmist tells us the Children of Israel ASKED for these things, James tells us, “We have not because we ASK not. All we will ever need is available to us, but we must ask, and then take what is  our rightful inheritance,

King David tells us in Psalm 36:8 that God’s people shall be “abundantly satisfied” by the fullness (goodness) of God’s House NKJV Do we fully appreciate the local church God has placed us in, it may be far from perfect, but being planted in a local church is essential if we are to experience God’s satisfaction in our lives. Beyond the local church is the beautiful Body of Christ of which we are adopted members of, I trust you truly love God’s Church.

Let us never forget where our real satisfaction comes from, Solomon (the wisest man in the world) tells us Proverbs 14:14 NKJV A good man will be satisfied from ABOVE. God is the only source of true satisfaction, and He brings it to us through:




Let me conclude with some words from Jeremiah, remember under the New Covenant we are all priests, and God promises in chapter 31:14 He will satiate our souls with ABUNDANCE, as we consider and enjoy His GOODNESS. Verse 12 tells us we run to Mount Zion enjoying the GOODNESS of the Lord, because of the wheat (Word of God), the new wine (The Holy Spirit) and oil (the anointing of the Spirit)and the result is our lives are like an abundant verdant flourishing fragrant well watered garden.

As you read this blog this morning, can you say you find your total satisfaction in God, or also need to seek satisfaction  in other places. may the Holy Spirit help us to search our hearts and if needs be repent, and make the decision that we will find only in our God the satisfaction that he offers. Realising to maintain this God satisfaction, we must daily choose to walk in the will of God and be totally surrendered to the Lord.

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