31 May 2017


By John Ollis

We have just returned from a very enjoyable holiday in Europe and Singapore. There were two matters I specifically spent time praying about whilst I was away, one matter was personal and the Lord has not given me any direction at this stage on this matter, the other matter was in relation to  my ongoing ministry. As age is limiting my travels, I preach now only about once a month in our local church, I spend time blogging, and also  much time in intercession for the nations, but felt there must be more I could be doing to make the best use of my times these days. I am submitting in this blog what I feel the Lord is speaking to me about and seek your wisdom and counsel.
My friends and readers know that I have been very burdened for a number of years regarding (what I call) Biblical Discipleship and Mentoring.  Whilst away I became very aware by observation and numerous comments of the continued need for Biblical Discipling. Numerous friends and acquaintances talked of this one not growing, this one stopped going to church, another declaring themselves now an atheist (even though they had been baptized in water. This made my heart VERY sad. I felt the Holy Spirit remind me of the principle “first the natural then the spiritual” (1 Cor 15:27), and that Salvation and Biblical Discipleship is all about reproduction.
Jesus said (John 3) YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN,
Peter said (1 Peter 1:23)  we are born again of the incorruptible seed (sperma)  it enters the womb of our heart and conception takes place and we receive the gift of eternal life.
Peter again says  (1Peter 2:2) a new believer should desire the pure milk of the Word of God.
Soon after a birth the new born baby is placed on the mother’s breast, for about 7 days the milk is very special and unique, it is called COLOSTRUM.  The Colostrum is full of nutrients,  and also a mild laxative effect that causes the bowel to pass out all the waste that had built up in the body before birth. It also contains immune cells to protect the body from many diseases.


As the new born baby must immediately start drinking the Colostrum so the new believer MUST IMMEDIATELY BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE BIBLICAL DISCIPLESHIP. I wrote some FB posts regarding this whilst away, and the only negative responses I received  were that many new believers do not want to be discipled. Sadly it is often weeks following a person decision before any form of discipling starts to take place, and a person has slipped back into his old ways, or sees around him “Christians” whose lifestyle is no different to his and therefore sees no need to change.


1. Many churches do not know how to do it.

2. Many think a 4-6 week class fulfils the Great Commission.

There are some things that can be taught in a class, like teachings on say Water Baptism, Holy Communion, Tithing etc,

But many aspects of Biblical Discipleship requires a one on one face to face connection. In John 21:15 & 17 Jesus told the disciples to FEED my lambs and sheep. The Greek word for Feed is Bosko and the etymology of the word expresses the picture of the Shepherd going through the wool of the sheep looking for the cuts and scratches and bruises and rubbish that is caught up in the wool, and the shepherd is close enough to the sheep that the smell of the sheep is on the shepherd.

Why aren’t local churches doing this? particularly because so many Leaders have never experienced this essential form of Discipleship, and sadly confess that for many it was years of ups and downs, of heart backsliding before they came to a measure of maturity.  My experience is that it takes 6-9 months for a new believer to come to a place of maturity if a Discipler will walk with him for that time.

For many truths the Disciplemaker needs to share with the new believer, takes time, for the information to become revelation, for the Logos to become a Rhema word., and the truths to become part of the lifestyle of a growing believer.

As the local church has the main responsibility to disciple new Christians, I am feeling the Holy Spirit is asking me to teach and train local church leaders via say Skype to do this. It maybe will actually be a discipling experience for some of the Leaders, (I trust so). Let me list some essentials truths that need to be imparted to the new believer

Assurance of forgiveness and eternal life

The essential ingredients to daily prayer (there are at least 8)

Keys to protecting the mind (there are at least 8)

The Christians inheritance NOW)

The whole armour of God.

Biblical Discipleship then transitions into a Mentoring relationship. Paul said to Timothy (2 Timothy 2:20) “And the things you have heard from me, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

The aim of Biblical Discipleship is to make every new believer a Disciplemaker, and for him to discover his potential, his ministry, and learn to serve in the body of Christ.

So, do you think there is a place for this type of teaching (via Skype) for local churches? I seek your wisdom and counsel, and recommendation. There is no charge for what I am offering, I think Skype is free to use.

I really need your feedback, either communicate through WordPress, (you will see where you can sign up) or through Facebook or you could email me [email protected]   I look forward to your response.