6 June 2017


By John Ollis

It is now a week since we returned home to Australia after our lovely cruise and 7 days in Singapore catching up with so many old friends.
Almost as soon as I returned home I wrote a blog expressing a fresh burden and the need of Biblical Discipleship. I had prayed much whilst i was away that the Lord would open a new door of ministry for me as I can not travel as much anymore. I was beginning to believe that the Lord was starting to making clear to me that it was in the area of Discipleship Training for local churches (via Skype)  that He was leading me into. Honestly, I am still not sure what is the Lord’s direction for me. I have prayed a prayer many times over the years,  “Father if this is of you, let it GROW, if it is not of you let it GO”. This has been my prayer relative to this matter. I continue to request prayer, regarding this. although there has been many responses to my  blog and FB posts, nothing substantial has come clear to me at this stage.
A few days before we left Singapore, I became aware of a pain near my right armpit, this past weekend a rash has broken out in that area. I made a G.P. appointment and found out I have contracted Shingles. It is not a bad case as I recently had the injection that helps to stop an outbreak, but it is still painful and again ask for prayer regarding this.
So, at this stage I do not know what else the Lord will have me do in my “retirement” other than the Blog writing, and Intercession and monthly preaching.  I CAN AND WANT TO DO MORE, to make the best use of my days.
So your comments and counsel and prayer will be happily received. Thank you.