22 June 2017


By John Ollis

Many of my readers would know I have been praying for sometime about the Lord giving me new areas of ministry as my travelling ministry has virtually come to an end. Blogging is now an important aspect of my ministry, and I truly love it. Intercession has also become a major component of my prayer life too as I have much more time to give to prayer. Discipleship & Mentoring is very important part of my ministry too, and I happily preach at least once a month as the opportunity presents itself.
I guess a maybe  10 years ago various people began to speak over my life prophetically to write a book, at that time, I was so busy travelling  I put it to the back of my mind. A couple of years ago I guess I shared something of my testimony on FB and the response was overwhelming “write a book and tell us your story”.
The Lord has brought many beautiful people across my life over the years including a Chinese Malaysian brother who now lives in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam with his wife and family. He is my Blogmaster and has been such a help in this area. A few years ago he informed me that he had purchased an e.book package which he was going to use but decided to give it to me. This package does everything that is required for a writer to simply submit the manuscript to them and they see that it is distributed and sold.
I guess I have about 75% of “my journey” written (still needs editing). I honestly do not want to publish it, unless I am 100% sure this is what the Lord wants.  Do I for example:
Just publish “My Journey” ? or
Do I include some of my teaching material as well ?
I wrote in my last blog about the invitation I have received to teach in Indonesia in November this year and that I would need to raise the finances for the air travel. Selling my e.book  (for a very nominal price) could be the means  of assisting in this area.
So, as the title of this simple blog reads:


Please write and give me your thoughts. thank you.