1 August 2017


By John Ollis

I have been meditating on the Prophet Isaiah’s vision and call to ministry found in chapter six of his lengthy prophecy. It begins with Isaiah seeing the Lord in all His glory, and as a result seeing himself in all his depravity and uncleanness. This must be where we start in our walk with the Lord, and recognising, the wages of sin is death (eternal separation from God) and  “without Him we can do nothing”.
I am so glad the Lord does not want us to stay in our uncleanness and depravity, but in eternity past devised a plan to deal with it through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Thank God for the precious blood of Jesus that washes our heart clean. John the Baptist declared that he baptized with water but one was coming who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and FIRE.  Isaiah received a hot coal on his lips that cleansed him from all his iniquity. We not only need the cleansing blood of Jesus applied to our hearts, but also need the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit to come as a “Refiner’s fire” to remove the dross out of our lives. I would suggest, this is not a one off experience, but may happen numerous times in the life of a Leader. Like  natural circumcision is a one off experience, spiritual circumcision may occur a number of times in our life.
Only after the cleansing came the CALL  “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us”?
Then Isaiah responded  “HERE AM I SEND ME”
There can be considerable time between the CALLING & the SENDING.  Moses had to wait 40 years, Jesus 30 years, don’t rush ahead, God will clearly open the door IN HIS TIME.
unless a man has a call to ministry, he should run a mile in the opposite direction. To fulfil the call of God in our life takes much courage, as there are so many pressures and challenges. King David knew he was called to be king, but when the enemy came into the camp and  took the women away, the people blamed David, and were going to stone him (1 Chron. 30:6) and we read David encouraged (strengthened)  himself in the Lord his God. He probably said I don’t know what is going on, but I know you have called me. David found the grace of God in this painful situation. There may be times when the people want to “stone” you and you will need to remind yourself I am called, by God, I will come through this, if you are not called you will run home to mumma.
Can I suggest you need people to share the battle with you. As Aaron & Hur lifted up Moses arms  the battle was won. David had his mighty men to support him.  As I wrote yesterday I am committed to praying (at this time) for some 25 Leaders  who are on the frontline serving the Lord.  When David returned from battle he shared the spoils with his people, I am enjoying the spoils when I hear of the victories won, the souls saved and baptized.
So I trust you have had a VISION, your lips TOUCHED, CALL  from God you have obeyed and let God SEND  you. And you have your ARMOUR BEARERS sharing the load with you. May the Lord use you mightily, may you turn your village, your town or city upside down for God.