17 October 2017


By John Ollis

The evil one is too subtle to tempt us to break any of God’s commands, or to disobey the laws of the land, but he is a pastmaster at  creating situations which can cause us to react negatively, and we let ourselves be hurt. this often causes us to harbour unforgiveness  and let bitterness develop in our spirt, and this robs us of our peace  and joy.
I am reminded of the wells that Abraham had dug (Genesis 26) and the Philistines had come along and filled them in. Interestingly, one well is called Esek (Genesis 26:20 which means quarrel, and a dispute between two people usually causes us to lose our peace. Another well v.21 is called Sitnah  which means Emnity, the result of a matter not being resolved again something that will rob us of our peace and joy.
When we are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit Jesus tells us, that out of our beings will flow rivers of living water John 7:38. As Believers we must take responsibility to keep that river of water flowing.
If we do that we can live at the third well called Rehoboth (v.22) which means spaciousness. We can live in a broad spacious place of blessing and fruitfulness, if we keep short accounts between each other and between ourselves and God.
Is your well blocked up? is there unconfessed sin in your heart ? are you harbouring  unforgiveness in your heart and even bitterness?
I used to say to my students “Our walk with God is more important than the “turkeys that come into our lives”. It is not always easy but, don’t lose your peace and joy over some situation that has arisen, let me encourage you to lay it down, and let the river flow in your spirit again AMen.