18 October 2017


By John Ollis

My readers will know that I feel the Holy Spirit has been stirring my heart about the need to continue to develop our five spiritual senses. I also hear my Mentor saying KEEP EVERYTHING IN BALANCE. so what we see and hear in the Spirit must be deeply bedded in New Covenant truth. Church History is full of stories of God’s servants taking truth to extremes and it actually becoming heresy. I also had the thought this morning that as I continue to develop my spiritual senses it is a foretaste of heaven, when we are no longer effected and limited by our mortal bodies.
I shared at our Men’s Coffee Morning on Monday, the prayer of Elisha in 2 Kings 6  for his servant “Lord open his eyes that he may see” and God did just that and the young servant saw what Elisha had seen all along. My prayer for myself and you this morning is that the Lord will keep opening our eyes more and more and we can declare with Elisha FOR THOSE WHO ARE WITH IS ARE FAR MORE THAN THOSE WHO ARE WITH THEM” v.16.
I am also reminded this morning of the words of Elijah ( 1 Kings 18:41) “THERE IS THE SOUND OF ABUNDANCE OF RAIN. Unless we see what God is doing in our world, we will get very discouraged and develop a “remnant mentality”. When we lived in Singapore, during the rainy season, long before there was a tropical downpour we could “hear” (and see) the “sound of abundance of rain.
I declare today I HEAR THE SOUND OF ABUNDANCE OF RAIN I see signs EVERYWHERE (the clouds are getting darker, the Wind is beginning to blow) that revival is ready to break out and we are going to be flooded with the LATTER RAIN. my message to you today is THROW AWAY YOUR UMBRELLAS AND GET SATURATED IN THE RAIN OF THE SPIRIT.
Elijah directed his servant to go to the top of the mountain and LOOK, you don’t see much in the valley !!!! Our seeing requires PERSISTENCE, as the servant had to go up seven times, at last he saw A CLOUD AS SMALL AS A MAN”S HAND. Everything usually begins in a small way. A hand has 5 FINGERS. Our God is the Architect of revival, and He gives His plans to the five ministries He has given to the Church, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers to bring His plan to pass.
Friends, I hear the sound of abundance of rain, and I am persistently looking for the cloud, and the “anointed signs following ministries that God is going to use to bring about this last end time revival before Jesus breaks through the clouds and comes for His Church.
What a privilege to be alive and be on planet earth today, and not having to be influenced (except to pray) by what we see with our natural eyes and ears, but be able to see as Jesus sees, and rejoice that He is not finished with His creation, BUT HIS SOVEREIGN PLAN WILL COME TO PASS. HALLELUJAH