1 November 2017


By John Ollis

I have written now nearly 500 blogs here on WordPress. In a sense there are very few different themes expressed in all these blogs. there has definitely been considerable repitition Primarily, my burden is to see new Believers Biblically discipled and for them to become Disciplemakers.  Secondly, to see a Minister fulfil his God given destiny, and to be the very best he can be in every sense of the word. Thirdly that the local church is built “according to the pattern of the Word of God”. There are some successful “formulas”  on planting and building a local church around, and I thank God for them, sadly, I see some deficiencies in all the methodology, but perhaps it is easier for a Teacher to suggest “theory” that may not always be practical in a given situation and at a given time.
My blog today is directed to those who preach and teach the Word of God, I trust it will be of blessing to you. I sure am not suggesting I know it all, but I have sure learnt a few things after 50+ years of ministry.
I am reminded of a story told by an Australian Evangelist friend who now resides in the U.S. At the conclusion of an Evangelistic weekend in a local church (in the U.S.), he found the Pastor sitting on the steps of the church in a very disconsolate mood. His words to my friend was very sad. “I have an earned Master’s Degree in Theology, but I do not know how to operate the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”. I sincerely pray you want to move in the Gifts of the Spirit.
Most denominations begin as a result of a MOVE of the Holy Spirit, and usually after say one generation it is recognised there is the need for quality Theological Education. Paul reminded Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:15  Be diligent to present yourself approved to God a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth NKJV.  Very few denominations have come through this period unscathed. Many Colleges and Seminaries start to go down the track of what is often called “Modernism”, that eventually sadly leads into error and heresy.  There are here in Australia at this very moment Lecturers in so called Evangelical Colleges that are supporting and promoting for example “same sex marriage”.  Sadly, there are other Colleges, that are teaching Fundamental Biblical Theology, but it is done in the “letter of the law” and is not producing life. We are getting Ministers who have a head full of Theology, but theIr hearts are cold. WE NEED KNOWLEDGE ON FIRE.
I guess to put it another way WE NEED WORD AND SPIRIT in our preaching and teaching ministry.  Some Preachers sadly,  almost hold the position, they just need to open their mouths and the Lord will fill it. If the head is empty the mouth will have little to say.
I had the privilege of going to the first English Church Growth Seminar in Seoul Korea under Dr. Yonggi Cho in 1978. I heard him say he will never stand in the pulpit to preach unless he has received  Rhema word from the Lord. I have learnt over the years to only preach a Word that I sincerely believe the Lord has given me for the particular congregation I have been  invited to preach for.
PREPARATION is so important, not just in preparing your sermon, but PREPARING  yourself. Not only must we preach a clear Word that God has given us,  but that Word MUST BE PREACHED UNDER THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. For then the preacher has liberty and authority, and that anointed Word, will minister LIFE to the hearers. Preachers SEEK THE ANOINTING AND LIVE AND WALK IN IT.
I said earlier a group of churches  begin in:
that becomes a MOVEMENT
that can become a MONUMENT
and unless corrected will become a MAUSOLEUM 
There are many groups that have moved into the third group and others into the last group.
By the grace of God we can correct this, it is fine to be a part of a movement but  we need to seek to build our lives and ministries correctly,  I ALWAYS WANT TO BE A WORD AND SPIRIT MAN DO YOU??????