8 December 2017


By John Ollis

For 17 days I had to have my right hand heavily bandaged as a result of my Carpel Tunnel repair surgery (the stitches came out on Thursday) Margaret said my hand looked like a big ham bone.  You do not realise just how much we need and use both hands constantly in our daily life. I am so thankful that Margaret could assist me in so many ways.
This need brought to my attention the fact, that spiritually WITHOUT THE LORD I CAN DO NOTHING, it also highlighted to me afresh why so many Christians live defeated unfulfilled lives because THEY TRY AND LIVE THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IN THEIR OWN STRENGTH.
Either this shows again the lack of Biblical Discipleship or that as a result of our carnal sinful nature WE THINK WE CAN DO IT IN OUR OWN STREGTH.
My personal experience  is that thousands of times over the years I have tried to live the Christian life in my own strength AND I HAVE FAILED EVERY TIME. When am I going to learn I simply cannot do it in my own strength?
I am convinced that SUBMISSION AND SURRENDER is a major ESSENTIAL KEY for us to live the Christian life. I long for Jesus to control my life 24/7 for it is only when He is the Lord and I let Him totally live His life out through me can I make the Christian life work.
Plus related to my last blog “Let’s get back to the Bible” we must LET THE WORD  WORK IN OUR LIVES, for as the Word is quickened in us, and the Logos becomes  a Rhema and FAITH is produced in our hearts we begin to let the Lord live out His life in us.
So this simple blog is just a reminder to all of us, that the only way the Christian life will work, is for us to CLEARLY GET THE MESSAGE, and determine by the Grace of God, to seek to live the surrendered life 24/7 and be filled with the Word of God.
I wrote an abridged version of this blog to many of my friends on WhatsApp this week,
the sad thing was that many of them thought I was simply asking for prayer for healing and they seemed to miss what I was trying to say, for their response was they would pray for my hand. I must work harder at making what I want to say clearer.
It is Saturday morning here, and the weekend is upon us, may you have a blessed fantastic time in Father’s House, and meet the Lord face to face.