8 February 2018


By John Ollis

Did you set ‘FAITH GOALS’ FOR 2018? Sadly, there is very little good teaching about doing this, or often the teaching is unbalanced and extreme. Faith Goals are  NOT New Year Resolutions, the majority of these fail within the first week.  The difference is very obvious.  A FAITH GOAL MUST BE:
MEASURABLE,  eg March 31, June 30, September 30  etc.
PRACTICAL If you have a church of 30, and say in three months you will be 200, is 99 times out of 100 utterly impractical
HAVE SUSTAINABLE STEPS.  Things you need to do DAILY to see the goal/s fulfilled.
We are now almost half way through the 1st quarter of 2018, and usually there should start to be some evident signs that your goals are going to be fulfilled.
I was assessing my goals this morning, and I can report there are SOME VERY POSITIVE SIGNS, now let me be totally honest with you (I hope this will encourage you) I have slipped up a few days in the last six weeks, but praise the Lord, He is helping me to daily fulfil the sustainable steps.
Now if you decided to set “Faith Goals this year, have you assessed how you are going yet? If you haven’t can I suggest you do, I trust you will be encouraged.
You know there is great power in testimony, would you reply simply by saying that you are seeing positive results (or not so we can pray for you)? Your “Faith Goals are between you and the Lord, so i am not asking you to relate them unless you feel too ok ?
I look forward to your response, have a blessed FANTASTIC weekend.