28 June 2018


By John Ollis

I had my annual Health Assessment yesterday, this is funded by our government for citizens over 75 years of age, (This is my 2nd one). It is conducted by a nurse at my GP’s clinic and takes about 45 minutes. It is very comprehensive covering physical, cognitive and emotional health, I then meet with my GP for a regular  consultation, and I passed with FLYING COLOURS Praise the Lord.
I sure do not have the strength and vitality I had as a young man, the body slows down and thing don’t work as well anymore,  but I rejoice in the Lord for His goodness and blessing upon me.
Although I have basically concluded all my overseas ministry travel, I am expecting one further invitation this weekend from Indonesia to teach for a week (normally about 27 hours). Naturally speaking this is a tremendous challenge, but I want  God willing do this one more time. We would then go on to Singapore for a week of R&R and catch up with our many friends in Singapore.
May I ask you to pray that with me that this is all in the will of God, I will know the strength to fulfil this.
I pray you have a blessed & fruitful  weekend.