26 August 2018


By John Ollis

I have never written a political blog in my life, and I never intend doing same. This past week in Australia has been momentous in the chaos that developed in our government, I would like to make some comments that may clarify some things in your mind.  I will seek to keep them simple.
The Bible declares that God is the Creator of this world we live in, and that includes Australia, but He is not the ABSENT LANDLORDbut is very aware of what is happening in our world.
The Bible clearly teaches GOD IS OMNIPRESENT & OMNISCIENT & OMNIPOTENT and He saw everything that went on, including behind the scenes. God was not surprised as he saw it all in eternity past and permitted it to happen.
As seen in Malaysia recently, many people prayed and there has been a change of government in that nation for the very first time since Federation. Here in Australia there have been Christians praying for change, and God HAS ANSWERED PRAYER.
Using our political terms God is neither Liberal or Labor but He is SOVEREIGN and chooses to intervene at times to see His will is fulfilled. I see the Lord’s Hand in the end result of this chaos, and want to declare:


There are plans for Australia in the heart of God that are yet to be fulfilled, including the nation turning back to God in a genuine Holy Spirit revival, so Christians this is just the start, we need to commit ourselves to PRAY

  • For our new Prime Minister
  • For the Cabinet
  • For ever local church in our nation
  • For a spirit of Repentance to firstly fall on the Church
  • To recognise all the “wiles” of the evil one and stand against them and see them cast down
  • The result being a turning back to God and seeing our nation embracing Christian truth and lifestyle.

I have not quoted a single Scripture, I trust you know and believe and will embrace these truths recorded here.
So, it is not a time to be discouraged, but excited as we begin to seek God (perhaps like never before) to see His perfect will fulfilled in our nation. I am looking forward to being part of a move of God that will shake our nation and be a Tsunami of blessing to us.